Our Story.

We are a family-owned wholesale nursery dedicated to growing the highest quality plants. Located in southern New Jersey, we partner exclusively with locally-owned garden centers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region to bring regionally-grown plant beauty into your homes and landscapes. Since our start in 1952, we have embraced environmentally-conscious growing practices and are proud to be Veriflora® certified.


Our beginning traces back to when our company founders, John & Jean Overdevest, left war-torn Holland in search of a new start in a distant land. Settling in Southern New Jersey, the couple started the nursery in 1952 specializing in Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Dogwoods, and Japanese Maples. With tireless determination and a pioneering spirit, their backyard farm steadily grew into a respected nursery recognized for growing the highest quality plants. Their philosophy of excellence coupled with integrity and service resonated with a like-minded customer base of independently-owned garden centers.

As the third-generation of family enters the business, our commitment to quality and sustainability grows stronger each year. Today, as in the past, we are fortunate to have passionate team members who embrace our founding principles of hard work and hand-crafted excellence to bring you happiness with each planting.

While we have achieved awards throughout our history, the best reward continues to be the sincere compliments from our many longstanding customers who expect the best, and turn to us as their reliable source.

Our Farm.

We got our start producing field-grown plants and shipping them balled-and-burlapped (B&B). Over the years, our production has shifted to all containerized plant material.

Today our farm consists of 290 acres in southern New Jersey near the city of Bridgeton. Our growing production occurs on 2.7 million sq. feet of “hoop houses” and 39,000 square feet of heated greenhouse space.

Circa 1982


In 2016 we were honored to be featured on greener New Jersey Productions Fresh! video series.

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Our Team.

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Team Overdevest